If you think you're experiencing a network related issue which is preventing your Base Station from connecting to the Cloud, here are the first two things you should try:

  1. Try running the B2C or C2B step from a different location using a different network. Some networks (like a work network) may have a firewall or other restrictions which block the transfer of data between the Base Station and the cloud. For example, an internet network at home may not have the same restrictions imposed by a work network.
  2. If your Base Station hardware supports making a USB connection then try using this method instead. The following articles contain further info:
    1. How to identify whether my Base Station supports USB download & upload.
    2. How to use USB option of Base Station V2

If you're still unable to establish communication with the Cloud after trying the above suggestions then please submit a ticket.

The remainder of this article covers general information and FAQ's we are able to answer regarding Air-Insite.com and Base Station communications.

Here at Air-Insite we are not able to troubleshoot network specific questions but can provide the following information to help you resolve these issues yourself or with your internet provider:

What IP address is used by Air-Insite.com?

  1. At the time of writing this article it connects to (air-insite.com)
  2. This is a website which will search for the IP address of a website and can be used to verify the IP address: https://www.site24x7.com/find-ip-address-of-web-site.html

 What port is used?

  1. Port 80 (default TCP/IP HTTP port).

Is it using standard FTP ports (20/21)?

  1. No, it uses port 80.

Does Air-Insite use active of passive FTP?

  1. Air-Insite uses a passive FTP

Additional info

  1. The Base Station uses standard HTTP communication (just like a normal browser).
  2. As part of the B2C step the Base Station sends something called an FTP POST message. Some firewalls can detect a POST message as a threat and will block communication between the Base Station and the cloud.