9124: Buttons to activate the free trial remain visible after activation and when the free trial has ended.

9287: Adapt the layout of the user information data dump by getting rid of the headers per country.


5909: The full output of a compressor table is not converted to the right unit when opening a saved simulation.

5893: Creating an audit with an empty audit list will cause a crash when proceeding to step 2 and to step 4.

5889: The data dump of the user list doesn't accurately portray the status (auditor/consultant) of the users.

5883: When the offload pressure in audit wizard's step 2, installation conditions is 0 but all the other values are set then simulation wizard crashes when trying to create a new simulation.

5853: Graph wizard flow logger shows the logged data as Amps (A) it should be mAmps (mA).

5807: Bug lies with CKEditor, so hide the upload tab in publish wizard.