V16.0 release notes

NF, AW, American & Canadian market users can now use a CAGI input screen method to create a compressor table.  Other markets can be added to CAGI option by SYSTEM users

NF, UA, ADMIN users can now bulk upload compressor tables

NF, UA, Brand list filtered, cleaned, merged or removed from view

BF, GW, Graph style sheets not loading

BF, AW, Piston table types not permitting 0 kW off load

BF, AW, Bug in 'save as' compressor table

BF, GW, Moved logged data axis for flow logger to LEFT

BF, AW, Editing CS logger, Install conditions can display incorrect supply voltage

BF, UM, CUSTOM, SUPPORT path routing / Skin association

BF, UM, Data export, measured kW displayed ISO calculated (0.2)

BF, SW, Crash due to data conversion error (0.2)