V14 is a major release that includes...

  • Updated Chart Wizard landing page consistent with other wizards, added additional chart types including supply side and demand side charts as well as daily charts for relevant chart types
  • Bug fixes and cosmetic improvement to original and new chart types
  • Updated Simulation Wizard to add a second 'time span' simulation that aims to compliment the original 'annual' simulation.  The new simulation has been applied to all 4 types of simulation (supply side, demand side etc)
  • New compressor table filtering tools aimed at making filter more user friendly
  • Ability to save Global compressor tables as 'PRIVATE' compressor tables
  • Language capability deployed across entire SCADAR.NET site and the release of the French language translation.  Other languages will follow.
  • Changes to the Graph Wizard landing page in preparation for the addition of new graphs including supply, demand and daily graph types
  • Site wide bug fixes and improvements