In a word, YES!

Simulation Wizard provisions for both 'hypothetical' and 'real audit' scenarios.  There are many benefits to this approach...

  • If a user is unsure whether to carry out an audit, Simulation Wizard can help to establish the available savings potential
  • Simulation Wizard can support investment decisions such as choosing to carry out an audit
  • Simulation Wizard can assist focus on the benefits associated with simple changes such as equipment or system pressure settings and machine arrangements
  • Simulation Wizard can highlight the significant benefit that Metacentre System controllers can yield
  • And If the Simulation relates to a new requirement (e.g. a greenfield site / new facility) there may be no existing system to audit

By permitting both hypothetical Simulations as well as Simulations linked to an audit (i.e. real audit data), Simulation Wizard provides users with a flexible solution.

Note: To preserve the integrity of real audit data, Simulation Wizard restricts changes to Simulations that are linked to an audit