CO² factor is a value typically published by national governments interested in tracking statistical data associated with environmental or 'greenhouse gas' reporting.  Data is often published annually by national governments.  As an example, UK Government data can be found here...  LINK TO EXTERNAL WEBSITE

Because the equipment that AIR-INSITE focuses on consumes electricity (i.e. air compressors), its the electricity factor for kg CO² that AIR-INSITE is interested in.

So for 2016 we'd use the factor '0.40957' to derive a kg of CO² for each kWh...

  • See the attached file
  • Look at the UK electricity worksheet
  • Observe the value published for kg CO²

In future years the factor will vary relational to a number of factors so its worth checking back with national government websites to maintain an up to date setting for CO² factor in AIR-INSITE
Once you have established a value for CO² factor, it can be entered in the 'User admin' area of AIR-INSITE.