OK, before we answer its worth observing that AIR-INSITE:

  • Takes user settings from the user account:
    • Uses kW to express power for all users and regions
    • Currency as defined in the user information section of User Admin
    • CO² factor as defined in the user information section of User Admin (Weight is also taken from User admin when expressing CO² savings)
    • Currency CO² and weight can be changed (in User Admin) whereas the unit of power cannot be changed
  • Takes equipment settings:
    • From the compressor tables stored in either the global or private compressor table libraries
    • From other information provided during the Audit Wizard step
  • And applies hypothetical audit location information or applies actual audit location information from an associated audit
    • The audit start time, end time and audit duration
    • System shutdown hours
    • Equipment and Sustem utilisation
    • System pressure

With the above information, Simulation Wizard then looks for variation between the RED line (Existing system) and the BLUE line (Proposed system) of any Simulation Wizard type and sub tab (Types and sub tabs are discussed elsewhere).  Variation can be derived from...

  • Re-ordering the equipment on the BLUE line
  • Changing the pressure settings of the equipment on the BLUE line
  • Removing equipment from the BLUE line
  • Adding alternative equipment to the BLUE line
  • Enabling Metacentre system control
  • Changing the target pressure of the BLUE line

The effect of these changes derive savings expressed in kW, kW/hours, monetary savings (using the user account currency setting) and CO² savings (using the user account weight and CO² factor settings).

Positive gains are emphasized using a 'GREEN' background accents whereas Negative gains are emphasized using a 'RED' background accepts.  Its also possible to highlight utilisation segments (rows) within a Simulation which will highlight both the segment and the relational area of the above graph in RED, GREEN or WHITE.  WHITE reflects no gain and is normally where NO utilisation takes place.  Background accents are saved when committing a Simulation report to PDF or when saving images for direct download or use in Publish Wizard.