If you want to create your own report (i.e. instead of using the Create PDF feature within Simulation Wizard) you can do this in one of two ways.

  1. You can save the graph or chart as images and use the direct download toolbar feature to download the image(s) to your device (e.g. PC)
  2. You can save the images to the audit folder of AIR-INSITE and use Publish Wizard to produce your own report

Furthermore, you can 'append' a Simulation Report PDF to any Publish Wizard document...

Use the attachment feature to append one or multiple files to the end of a Publish Wizard PDF.

Publish Wizard will create a single continuous PDF containing first the Publish Wizard report followed by each attachment.

Between the Publish Wizard report and each attachment Publish Wizard inserts a page divider.  The page divider carries the file name of the attachment and the date it was created.