Simulation Wizard assumes that NO System control is present, so this is a common question...

The way to carry out such a Simulation is as follows...

  • Lets say you want to perform a single Supply side Simulation linked to an existing audit
  • Go ahead and start Simulation Wizard as usual.  However, instead of choosing just 1 Simulation, select 2
  • Next, prepare the RED line in both Simulations in an identical manner!
  • Now, copy the RED line of the first Simulation to the BLUE line.  Enable System control by selecting the System control button
  • Now, go to the second simulation and prepare the BLUE line according to requirements.  Enable System control by selecting the System control buttom
  • Now compare the results of the BLUE line in the first Simulation with the BLUE line of the second Simulation

The afore-mentioned procedure can be used for many similar scenarios