Once selections have been on the Chart Wizard landing page and the 'Wand' is pressed, the Charting page will display...

You can return to the Landing page at any time by pressing the 'Landing page' icon top left... 

The tool bar beneath the Landing / Charting page icons contains 4 buttons...

Image:Function (tool tip):Description:
Add a new chartAdds a new container to the page which allows the user to make additional chart selections
Save as style sheetSaves the active chart selection as either 'Style 1' or 'Style 2'.

Styles can then be accessed in the future without having to make chart selections
Save graphsSaves all active graphs to the audit folder (as opposed to saving charts individually which can be done
from within individual Chart containers
toggle full-screen modeToggle between standard page view (default) and full screen mode.  Full screen mode uses more of the screen
'real-estate' to display the chart.

Beneath the tool bar you will find an area dedicated to choosing zoom start and end times which can then be set using the 'pin' button (don't forget to use the 'pin' button to set the start and end times chosen!)  Alternatively the Click & drag to zoom features allows you to use your mouse to set a start and end time.

Beneath the start / end time and zoom functions you can add as many Chart containers as necessary. Below is an example of a chart container displaying the 'Equipment Utilisation' chart...

Each time you add a new chart container, you will see the same chart tool bar choices displayed on the Chart Wizard landing page...

 Simple make a selection...

The selected chart will change colour, the progress indicator will also change from GREY to GREEN and you can proceed to press the 'Continue button'.  When pressed, the chart will display.

There's a chart container tool bar that allows you to save charts to the specific audit folder (this is the audit folder on the AIR-INSITE cloud server) or you can simply select the Chart for direct download to your device.

The rubbish button allows you to delete the chart container (there's also a rubbish button on the top right of each chart container.  Both perform the same function)

There's also undo, reset and redo zoom buttons located at the chart container

On the bottom right of the page you will find a 'Back to top' arrow which is useful if you have many charts open and you want to return to the top of the page.