What are they?

Style containers (see image below) allow users to make 'pre-defined' chart selections avoiding the need to make selections every time the user begins a charting session.  So lets say a user wanted to instantly view Chart Supply side charts 1,3,5 & 7, these can be saved to the 'Style 1' container.  Afterwards, the user need only navigate to the landing page, select 'Style 1', the audit to be charted and then press the 'Magic wand' button.

There are 2 'Style containers' which can retain different chart selections and there's a BLANK chart selection which is the active selection when a user navigates to the Chart Wizard 'Landing page'

How can I make use of Style containers?

To make use of 'Style containers', first begin a 'BLANK' charting session using any audit.  Choose all the charts that you'd like to save to the 'Style container'.  In the example below we've selected Supply side charts 1,3,5 & 7...


On the toolbar at the top of the 'Charting' page there's a 'save' action button.  When pressed you can choose to save the active chart selection as 'Style 1' or 'Style 2'...

That's it!

When you next navigate to the Charting Wizard 'Landing page', the respective 'Style container' will now include the charts selected.  By choosing 'Style 1', any audit and pressing the wand button, charts contained in the Style container will be immediately charted.