When you select Chart Wizard from the AIR-INSITE dashboard or from the left side navigation pane of AIR-INSITE your re-directed to the Chart Wizard 'Landing page'.  This is where a user can...

  • Search and make an audit selection for charting (a variety of audit data is displayed on screen to assist users)
  • Choose which charts to initially plot using the 'supply side' and 'demand side' chart tool bars or start a 'BLANK' charting session (default)
  • Set the start and end date and time for the charting session (for example you may choose to only chart 5 days of a 14 day audit)
  • Review the contents of Chart Wizard 'Style' containers

Once a selection has been made, use the 'Magic Wand' action button to begin a charting session.  When pressed a charting session will begin (see image below).  You can return to the Landing page using the 'Landing page' action button left of the charting text & icon ...  Observe that the audit name selected is displayed in the 'info' window (see image below 'top right').  Observe that this info window will display important status information throughout your AIR-INSITE session.