There are two steps in updating logger software;

1. ‘Download logger update’ = Download the most current logger software to the BS from the Internet

2. ‘Update logger’ = Transferring the downloaded software from the BS to logger(s) via Bluetooth

First of all, connect your base station to the Internet. Power up the base station. 

On your base station display, go to Settings, click Enter, go to ‘download logger update’, then click Enter.


The base station will tell you what logger software version you currently have and what logger software version is available on our server.

For example, the picture below shows the base station has logger software version of 3.0 and the available version on the server is 4.0.


Click Enter to download the newest software to the BS.


Go to ‘update logger’. Click Enter.


Click on the Bluetooth button of the logger(s) (left button on the logger(s)).


A window appears on your BS asking if you want to update the logger. Click Enter to update.

For example, the picture below shows a kW logger with serial number 190. It currently has software 3.0. Available logger software in the BS is 3.5. Click Enter to update the kW logger to software version of 3.5.


You will see the blue LED blinking fast. After the logger is updated, the blue LED will stop blinking.