From time to time we receive this complaint.  Most often there are two reasons for this...

Firstly, the browser zoom settings have been set to something other than 100%.  For AIR-INSITE to display properly the browser zoom settings must be set to 100%

Secondly, if we've performed a software update it's possible that the AIR-INSITE version 'online' has changed.  The changes might mean the cached content in your internet browser are out of date and consequently AIR-INSITE can become non responsive or seem 'broken' in some way.  This is easy to fix!  Most internet browsers have and use a browser cache to store content from previously visited websites like AIR-INSITE.  Think of browser cache like 'saved offline content'.  So when you return to AIR-INSITE your internet browser does not download content that it downloaded previously, instead it has the content in 'cache' already and the benefit of that is your browser page loads faster.

That is until we update AIR-INSITE!  When we update AIR-INSITE the browser cache is likely to become 'out of date' and it needs to be cleared out.  Once you clear the browser cache and then revisit AIR-INSITE a fresh and up to date version of the web page is loaded and most likely will perform properly.  Note that when you clear your internet browser cache, webpages can take a little longer to load for the first time (for the reasons discussed previously).  However when you re-visit the site, your browser cache is also up to date and you will find page load times like before!

There are many ways to clear browser cache and these vary by internet browser product (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc).  The following link is a good resource point to understand how you should go about clearing your internet browser cache.  HOW TO CLEAR YOUR BROWSER CACHE LINK