The most common cause of 'gaps' in the Demand side calculated flow graph plot is inaccurate system volume data!

During the Audit Wizard process a value for system volume was either selected or entered.  This was either assumed by AIR-INSITE using a built in formulae to estimate system volume relational to the configured air compressors with additional user filtering provided for 'poor', 'regular' or 'generous' storage or it was a known system volume entered by the user.

To calculate Demand side flow, AIR-INSITE uses the afore-mentioned 'system volume', the compressor tables output data as well as the system pressure data that was logged during the audit.  When the Audit is 'synced', AIR-INSITE combines this data to derive the Demand side calculated flow.

If the System volume is inaccurate this can result in gaps in the graph plotted!  For example, if the combination of data derives a result where less air was consumed 'demand side' than was generated 'supply side', AIR-INSITE has nowhere to put the extra air that's been falsely calculated!

To resolve this effect, return to Audit Wizard and adjust the 'system volume' data and 'RE-SYNC' your audit.  When the system volume data is equal to the actual system volume 'up-stream' of the location where the system pressure sensor was located, the false calculation and gap effect will be eradicated.  If you are unsure about the actual system volume, use trial and error until the effect is eradicated.