There are two versions of AIR-INSITE Base station.  The original 'V1' and the newer 'V2'.  The original V1 Base station does not support USB download or upload!  The newer 'V2' Base station does support USB download or upload.

This feature is very useful when you want to perform a C2B or B2C 'data transfer' step and your Base station does not have internet access.  This can occur when your in a public space (e.g. a hotel).  Public spaces often require users to use a dedicated login procedure (e.g. a web page).  Base station does not support this.  If this occurs use the USB download or upload feature instead!

You can identify a V2 Base station by looking at the tamper proof decal on the back of the physical device.  If a discrete 'V2' marking is present then you have a V2 Base station.  If there is NO MARKING then you have a V1 Base station.