Thankfully this one is not so 'frequently asked'...

Its possible to corrupt the software of a Base station if for example the power supply is removed from the Base station during a software update.  If this happens and you need to recover the Base station, read on...

To recover from a corrupt program you will need a USB cable (observe that the Base station features a USB 'Type B' receptacle).  You will also need the software attached here in a ZIP file!  Download and unzip the software packet in readiness to perform recovery.  When ready, proceed as follows...

1.Connect the base station to a computer over USB

2.Power up the Base station

3.The Base station will be detected on the computer as a mass storage device !

4.Copy SCBCMAPP.bin and SCBCMFIR.bin (files within the ZIP) to the UPDATE folder on the mass storage device.

5.Make sure the Base station is connected to the internet (Ethernet cable)!

6.Disconnect the USB cable

7.Wait for the Base station to boot up (The Base station graphical user interface might display incomplete.  For example images on the Base station's display missing etc, that's OK!) 

8.The base station should automatically indicate a further update because there's a newer version of software available 'on-line' than the version used here for recovery!

If the popup is not shown automatically, manually go to the Base station update menu...

  • Press enter to go to the ‘Settings’ menu
  • Press right to select the ‘Update base station’ menu
  • Press enter to start the base station update
  • The base station should show the popup now 

9.Press enter to accept the 'online' update. 

10.Wait until the update is finished and of course... maintain power to the Base station throughout!