Each AIR-INSITE™ base station is supplied with a power supply and a variety of ‘domestic’ power supply heads.

You will require an Ethernet CAT 5e cable (not supplied), an accessible CAT 5e RJ45 socket, and an IP address with access to the World Wide Web and a source of supply power for the AIR-INSITE™ Base station.  Select the appropriate ‘domestic’ power supply head from those provided and complete assembly of the power supply. Insert the power supply jack into the socket of the AIR-INSITE™ base station and apply supply power.

Following a AIR-INSITE Base station 'boot' sequence the graphical user interface will display. Now connect an Ethernet CAT 5e cable (not supplied) to the RJ45 socket of the AIR-INSITE™ Base station and to an accessible RJ45 socket with access to the World Wide Web. 

Establish an IP address for the AIR-INSITE™ base station using either DHCP or manual input methods (see notes below). Finally and only after an internet connection has been established; perform a base station update. Configure date and time settings.  Your AIR-INSITE™ base station is ready for use!

To learn more, follow this link to watch a how to video... CLICK TO CUE VIDEO IN A NEW TAB